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Convincing Your Mom to Have a Smile Makeover

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Marry Me, Mary

Mary lost her husband to cancer at a young age.  She raised their three children, and one daughter became a dentist who eventually convinced her mom to have a “Smile Makeover”.  At 56, Mary conceded that the “wrinkles from single-handed motherhood on a tight budget” had taken their toll on her mouth. She had lightened her teeth a little, matching her complexion, and made thicker so her lips filled out slightly. Daily lipstick use came next, followed by eye makeup, I’m told.

She shocked every family member when she announced an upcoming bus tour around Ireland.

Bus tours apparently attract older individuals.  After flying overseas, Mary met up with her Tour Guide and other travelers that had no partner with whom to share the sights, including “Larry”.  This group ate dinners together and passed on recommendations about sights and attractions discovered in town that day. Larry invited her along on his next day’s adventure, in a different town, and Mary accepted.  The rest is history.

Larry transferred to a Chicagoland division of his company, which was near Mary, and, within eight months, proposed marriage.  They are living happily ever after about 9 miles from my dental practice!

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