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What I’ve Seen Behind the Scene

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While I refuse to comment on the dress and behavior of our teenagers and young adults, since we were all teens at one time, I must bring one issue to light.  It shows up on the back side of the front teeth, a spot where parents rarely look.

For teens and young adults, “thin” has always been “in”. Unfortunately, this feeling now overlays the thinking of thirty-somethings and, sometimes, elders.  To keep thin and enjoy high-calorie food, adults from both genders now purge their food from their stomachs, known as an indicator of Bulimia. This causes stomach acids to come in contact with the back of all teeth, and the less dense teeth in front tend to show excessive wear first.

A brief search of the web revealed that actresses like Jane Fonda and Sally Field had suffered from bulimia and conquered it.  People participating in ballet and competitive sports are also at risk.

My ethical responsibility requires that I document my findings and suggest treatment by a trained professional.  Of course, I speak directly to adults but it is always a difficult discussion, often fraught with denial or minimalization of the problem. I ask that patients remain open-minded to seek the opinion and treatment from an eating disorder specialist.