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Your Teeth’s Possible Existing Medical Issues

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We tend to place dental care and medical conditions in separate folders of the Health file cabinet.  But think about one of the main routes that bacteria enter the body…via your mouth. We don’t eat sterile food, nor breathe sterile air.

The Conditions

Conditions inside your body can manifest as dental problems during your life. The most common of these is diabetes. High blood sugar levels often cause problems with gum tissue, which makes diabetics more susceptible to Periodontal Disease.  As the disease advances, it compromises the bone and tissue supporting teeth. Physicians often ask diabetics to have more frequent dental cleanings, for this reason.

Bacterial Endocarditis is also another condition. This is the risk of infection related to certain heart conditions, such as an artificial heart or heart valve. Patients with this risk need to take antibiotics prior to dental cleanings and treatments. This is because of the high level of bacteria in the mouth. These antibiotics need to be requested from their physician and taken one hour prior to the dental appointment.

When Bacteria From The Mouth Travels

Finally, should bacteria from the mouth travel into the lower lungs or respiratory tract, it can make an existing lung condition worse because it is harder for them to get rid of these bacteria. The American Heart Association recommends that people with certain heart conditions take antibiotics prior to all dental appointments, particularly if they have a congenital heart defect, defective heart valves, or damaged valves.

You know what they say about an ounce of Prevention!