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Detergent Food

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I bet I got your attention with this title. Now, think about chewing a raw carrot. This is an example of a detergent food, because it’s consistency disturbs the film (called “plaque”) that forms on teeth and it doesn’t remain on the biting surface for hours. In contrast, think of peanut butter on a sandwich, especially the brands that contain sugar. Then look at the label on that jar of jelly and see where sugar, or any word with “-ose” at the end, is listed on the ingredients list. Are you aware that both peanut butter and jelly exist with no sugar or low sugar? Finally, many sandwich breads contain sugar. Even salty chips and crackers contain sugar or convert to sugars.

Without picking on fast-food restaurants, data of the sugar content in these foods can be found on the internet. Even salty items have sugar, sometimes.

To build lifelong healthy habits, encourage your family to decipher product labels and identify tasty detergent foods.

I use these two examples to make a point. If anyone in your family takes a bag lunch to work or school, this lunch should include a detergent food as the very last item eaten. And eating lunch out should be a treat, not the norm.

You can do this!

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