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Fill Your Gaps

Winterset Dental Care

When several random teeth are missing in the mouth, patients have 3 options. My practice can place multiple implants over the course of months, make a partial denture to fill in the gaps, or design a “bridge” to fill each gap. All three will prevent the natural teeth from drifting and/or rotating into a space that is left unfilled for a length of time. I like the Implant option best but recognize that this challenges the health care budget for some families. It also requires that the candidate has excellent health.

A partial denture has a metal framework that seats tightly around natural teeth and fills in the gaps. It must be removed overnight, brushed clean, and kept away from pets when out of the mouth. It will last a long time but, as it ages, it is prone to cracks or broken metal “clasps” that hug certain teeth. These clasps also “trap” stringy foods.

A bridge is made from cast metal and covered with tooth colored material. Ordinarily, a bridge is described in “units”, the number of teeth that will be covered plus the spaces that will be filled. It is cemented in place and, with proper cleaning, can last a long time. It is very important that recipients floss under the metal teeth and the adjoining natural teeth (known as abutments).

If you or a loved one have lost several teeth, consider a dental exam so we can evaluate your teeth and the most appropriate options.

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