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Detecting Cancer from the Nose to the Chin

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Though I am not an Oncologist, occasionally I detect an unusual tissue formation when we take a “panoramic” x-ray of the area in your head that contains the sinuses and jaw joint, among other structures. This area isn’t routinely examined by physicians unless symptoms arise.

I use the Panoramic technology to evaluate the bone density of areas that require treatment or may have problems that are not visible in the mouth. It is an excellent way for me to evaluate the health of the bone before dental treatment begins. It would be foolish to significantly repair the visible part of a tooth if the invisible part isn’t also reviewed.

Some oral cancers are aggressive. Our practice refers someone with a suspicious growth in and around their mouth to an oral surgeon, or an appropriate professional, who then coordinates care with other professionals, if needed. Modern technology allows our practice to send x-ray images electronically so these providers can readily review the growth or send the images on to a suitable specialist.

The other advantage of current technology is that intra-oral sensors, not physical dental films, now capture our dental images – instantaneously. If I see something suspicious, I can re-take a picture from another position or enlarge the view to see more detail.

It’s all about our commitment to keeping our patients healthy, using advanced technology!

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