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People Comment on their Dental Hygienist

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At the recent holiday parties, I was often introduced as a dentist. And that’s when the questions or stories begin. People love to talk about a recent procedure they’ve had, or find clarity about treatment recommendations. One comment that comes up often is, “I love (or dislike) my hygienist”. I then have a sudden urge to ask why. The most common answers include:

  1. She/he doesn’t hurt me.
  2. She/he hurts me when they scrape my teeth.
  3. She/he makes my mouth feel so clean.
  4. She/he is always using words that I don’t understand, but I can’t ask questions.
  5. She/he explains what they are about to do to me.
  6. She/he just rushes me through – I can’t even spit out.
  7. She/he has been with the practice a long time, so it feels like my family.
  8. She/he always has “onion breath”, or something similar.
  9. She/he sits me up and makes eye contact when they need to explain something.
  10. She/he just jabs those x-rays down my throat.

Our practice has retained most of our dental hygienists for several years. I allow them adequate time to complete a routine patient, and they do not need my permission if someone that is overdue for a dental cleaning requires an additional appointment. I consider my hygienists to be another set of eyes looking out for bone loss, gum disease, and cavities in hidden places. They also teach good dental health regimens. I hope you feel that our hygienists deserve the only odd-numbered comments listed above!

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