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Halloween Makes Dentists Afraid

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I am not the Grinch who stole Halloween but I do have a suggestion to modify your tactics when the doorbell rings in a few weeks. Pass out a small item that is not candy or, perhaps, spare change to the older ones. In my experience, kids love a mini-pack of crayons or chalk, bookmarks, character pencils, or a small book.

From conversations with parents, that bag of collected candy isn’t monitored well. Kids snack on it between meals, act up after they’ve hit their sugar rush from 7 bars in a row, or sneak candy after they go to bed. Recall the stickiness of most candy. As a dentist, I don’t encourage any of these behaviors because they lead to decay. That is permanent damage to permanent teeth.

I encourage you to join me in the effort to reduce junk food in our kids’ diet!

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