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Ben was partial to his Partial Denture

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Ben had lost his bottom four front teeth in a car accident 23 years ago and wore a “partial denture” to fill in this gap. It was held in place by metal clasps. He’d had the same denture all this time and considered it able to function until his death. Then, a clasp broke. I sent the partial to the dental lab for evaluation and they didn’t have encouraging news.

Before the introduction of implants, this type of partial denture was one of only two options for missing front teeth. However, there were issues with the design. It could come loose and become a hazard in one’s throat, or is was a magnet for stringy food and lettuce wrapping around the clasps. Seeds or food under the partial felt like painful boulders.

I asked Ben to come back to discuss his options and showed him how dental implants in this area were the best, safest, and most comfortable solution. Of course, I could make another partial denture, if he really insisted. Ben instantly saw the improvement in function and appearance and we placed implants a short time later.

At his next check-up, I noticed that Ben had put on a few pounds. He blamed his new front teeth, which made it easier for him to enjoy the food that he’d been unable to eat when he’d had the partial denture!

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