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Why Are My Teeth Shrinking?

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I have been asked several versions of this question during my years in practice, and it is always from someone over fifty years old. Teeth don’t shrink, unless you have a habit of rubbing your front teeth together over several years’ time, and even that is considered excessive wear rather than shrinking.

The illusion of shrinking teeth is created because skin loses its elasticity as you age. When the upper lip sags, it covers up more of your delightful smile. Today, one has options to counteract the aging process but I am most in favor of lengthening, and sometimes reshaping, 6-8 front teeth with crowns. These are placed over your natural teeth and they feel the same – sometimes better!

Here’s my only caution with crowns. A dentist can choose the color of the crown and the dental lab will make it. The natural tendency for patients who opt for a new smile is to make the teeth very white and, sometimes, wider than their originals. The result looks artificial, and many don’t like the result. It is smarter to match the color to one’s complexion and complement the remaining teeth. So resist the temptation to have that Movie Star smile, often created though digitized images in magazines, and work with me to find a shade that is youthful and natural.

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