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Excess Space Between Teeth

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If a dentist has ever mentioned that you have a “diastema” (pronounced dye-as-tim-a), never fear. This is an atypical space between two teeth, usually caused by a fibrous band of gum tissue that comes between them. In children, more than adults, these gaps tend to make the teeth look flared out and parents express concern that the appearance is permanent. Well, it could be. Hopefully, most see the orthodontist after a referral from their dentist. When the patient is still in the growth phase, an orthodontist can coordinate the clipping of the fibrous bands and guide incoming teeth to create a beautiful smile.

If you’re an adult with one “diastema”, you know that this is THE Spot where fibrous food items lodge, when eating. If this happens routinely, it can cause destruction of the gum and bone surrounding the tooth. Sometimes, cavities form on the root because enamel isn’t protecting that specific part of the tooth. The solution is either adult orthodontic treatment or crowns on the teeth positioned on either side of the gap. Dentists shape these crowns to visually close the gap, yet still allow a small space for cleaning around the area.

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