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Dentures – Lose or Loose?

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Did you know that dentures need to be removed daily to “rest the gums” so they continue to fit accurately inside the mouth? If not, they may not remain snug, which then interferes with chewing. They should be soaked in water or, better yet, denture cleaner to decrease the bacterial count.

I know it sounds impossible, but I’ve had patients visit me because they’ve lost their dentures. They removed it to sleep at a hotel, then rushed out to catch an early flight, for example. I’ve seen a few folks who’ve lost them while swimming up at the lake. Sometimes, the family dog finds it and chews on it. Several have dropped it on a tile floor – and the tile won.

It takes some time to create another denture, after impressions are taken to ensure a snug fit. Patients often panic when they realize that Life needs some adjustments while they wait for the lab to create a replacement. In fact, they sometimes ask for a second, back-up denture from the lab, in case history repeats itself.

Significant changes in body weight also change the fit of a denture. Even when everything remains the same, dentures do wear thin over time and need replacement.

Several of my patients, when faced with a lost or loose denture, explore the option of dental implants instead. These are surgically inserted and then monitored to ensure proper integration with existing bone. They can’t get left in a hotel, chewed by Rover, or fit differently when one drops two sizes.

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