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My Friend Has White Fillings!

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The granddaughter of one of my patients came into the office and proclaimed, “My friend just got white fillings on her teeth!” From her perspective, this friend had just become a movie star!

For almost 150 years, a silver material has replaced tooth structure when decay is removed. It is called Dental Amalgam. It is resistant to the acids created from food debris left in the mouth, can be shaped and compressed into place with relative ease, and lasts a long time. Mercury is used to bind the materials together, and that makes some people nervous. I’d suggest that you do some research on the topic if it concerns you.

About 50 years ago, the dental products industry developed “composite resin” materials that are tooth colored and do not contain mercury. They were not strong enough to withstand the chewing pressures, initially, so were just used on the front teeth. Composite resins take a little longer to place in the mouth and require polymerization to harden. Without getting scientific, I point to a device that resembles a blow dryer with a curved plastic tube at your tooth for 7-15 seconds, a couple of times. You don’t feel a thing.

Dental insurance companies don’t take kindly to the idea of replacing silver fillings just because one wants tooth-colored ones, but I will usually suggest composite resin when I replace a worn-out or broken filling. Over time, your granddaughter may decide that you’ve just become a movie star, as well!

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