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Breath Mints

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As a practicing dentist, I’ve experienced my share of oral malodor. That’s the scientific label for bad breath. I’ve noticed a significant increase in the brands, shapes, and flavors of breath mints, too. Though these are marketed as remedies, they also contain lots of sugar. Please avoid them, for your teeth’s sake. In fact, check the labels of cough drops, or anything that lingers in your mouth as a “cure”. I’m not a fan of frequent mouthwash use either, particularly because it tampers with delicate oral tissues when used too often.

Of course, there are systemic reasons that people develop malodor, and your physician may address this. Certain ingredients of some delicious foods also leave a lingering odor. Rest assured, I’m not suggesting that you take these out of your diet.

There are two solutions for bad breath that I recommend. First, brush your tongue, from back to front, every night before bed. You don’t need toothpaste, but you do need to make several strokes. Then rinse. This will dislodge food particles and remove the coating caused by certain foods. Next, floss between each of your teeth so leftover food particles head to your stomach or the sink. If you have a bridge, or a series of connected teeth, our hygienists can show you how to clean this and any other problem areas. Don’t hesitate to ask them for suggestions!

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