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Different Colored Teeth

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Maybe it is because I am a dentist. But have you ever noticed someone’s teeth because they are several different colors? I don’t mean blue next to purple, next to orange (let’s hope that never becomes trendy), but subtle changes like grey next to yellow next to ivory. In truth, natural tooth color does vary along a grey-to-yellow-to-ivory-to-white spectrum, but most people start out in one distinct color hue. As people age, their teeth may darken. That could make a crown, done at age 35, look lighter than the natural tooth next to it, 20 years later. A large silver filling can make a white tooth appear greyer. Or semi-porous, tooth-colored filling materials can absorb the stain from a heavy coffee or tea drinker.

One of the discussions to have with a trusted friend is how distracting your teeth are when you smile. They might call attention to something you have overlooked for years. The materials available for marvelous esthetic solutions are now commonplace. Don’t hesitate to bring up your concern about your different colored teeth with me during an exam. I will be happy to describe your options!