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Periodontal Disease in Women

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My patient, Becky, always asks her daughter to drive her to dental visits. I’ve seen Sara mature into a beautiful person and, of course, Becky always updates me on the latest in her family happenings. This time, she is thrilled to announce that Sara is expecting her first child. Becky is concerned that Sara hasn’t seen a dentist for over five years, because she is convinced that she has no problems. However, there are data to suggest that women of child-bearing age, who have periodontal disease, also have a higher risk for complications during their pregnancy. This can result in a low birth weight baby or premature birth.

After giving Becky local anesthesia for the upcoming procedure, I ventured out to the patient waiting area to offer congratulations and a complimentary exam on the spot. This gave me an opportunity to educate Sara on possible complications. Indeed, she was well overdue for a dental cleaning and had some inflammation. We got her scheduled with a hygienist and Sara needed two visits to restore her gum tissue back to health. This generated three Wins – Becky stopped worrying, and Sara delivered a set of healthy twins! I just saw baby pictures from the proud grandma.

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