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Health Impacts of Oral Health

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Did you know that a side effect of several, commonly-prescribed medications is “xerostomia”? Did you ever hear of Sjogren’s Syndrome, an immune system disorder? It manifests as xerostomia. In English, this means “a dry mouth”. People with xerostomia often rely on beverages to relieve the situation, and dentists wish that this beverage would always be water, the best remedy for rehydration. Other beverages are acidic and/or contain sugar.

Did you know that patients with diabetes may have a harder time controlling their blood sugar? This is particularly true when periodontal disease is present in their mouth, but many diabetics don’t realize that they even have this silent condition, which is commonly only detected during a dental exam.

Did you know that periodontal disease often spreads more rapidly in patients who have AIDS? That is because these people have a lower resistance to infection. The mouth is loaded with bacteria to start an infection, which is why people are encouraged to both brush and floss their teeth and brush their tongues. It keeps the bacterial count lower!

Did you know I not only inspect your teeth and gums, but I’m looking and feeling around your neck, throat, and cheeks to detect pre-cancerous or suspicious lesions? I’ve referred several patients to medical professionals, and hope that this extra effort has or will save some lives.

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