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Valerie Wanted to Model

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Always impeccably dressed and up on the latest fitness trends, it didn’t surprise me when Valerie came in for a consultation to have her teeth whitened. She wanted to become a model, and her teeth were in the way. Valerie had fluorosis, a condition caused by too much fluoride in the drinking water at the time when permanent teeth were forming. It left her teeth with white specks, a little pitting, and a few white streaks – right in front! She was reluctant to smile with more than a small portion of her teeth showing – and that doesn’t make for a successful modeling career!

I suggested that she consider porcelain veneers on eight upper front teeth. Her gums were healthy and her full smile never showed her bottom front teeth. Each veneer is custom-made and specifically tinted to match her complexion, from wafer-thin material that is cemented to the front of each tooth. This material reflects light and has translucent properties like real teeth, so only my office staff and any person she tells will realize why her smile has improved. She loved my suggestion, especially when I made it clear that she would be actively involved in the upcoming decisions, and would only need to fit two appointments into her busy schedule.

I bet that you can guess the ending. My only surprise came when three of Valerie’s friends came, separately, for a similar consultation about veneers. They asked me for “Valerie's teeth”.

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