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Our Practice Remains on the Cutting Edge

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Every dentist, dental hygienist, and some dental assistants are required to take Continuing Education courses throughout the year, because dental technologies are changing or certain topics require refreshers. This includes Basic Life Support. In fact, our doctors and hygienists cannot renew their license to practice if they don’t.

In Chicago, a large convention center is filled with thousands of dental providers toward the end of February. I wouldn’t miss it! We sit in on presentations and lectures by noted researchers and scientists and get to try new dental materials at the booths, where knowledgeable people can guide us and answer questions. The best way to cover any convention is “divide and conquer”, rather than walk around as a group. We come back to the office, after 2-4 days, and discuss what we learned with team members. We also discuss product changes and decide to personally try some samples received.

Because I am a Prosthodontist, I also attend a separate Dental Meeting that specifically focuses on the bone of the jaw and emerging procedures and products that have been evaluated by leaders in this field, including me. With more of a scientific foundation, I learn the newest research about dental tissue, bone, and the possible “replacement parts” for your missing teeth. This knowledge isn’t required coursework for general dentists, who perform many common procedures daily, but I wouldn’t leave home without it.

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