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What takes away TEN years?

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The answer is Veneers on your existing teeth. Middle-aged patients have discovered that their teeth can be reshaped and subtly lightened with a thin shell that is custom-made for their teeth – and no one can tell. I’ve created veneers for second-marriage ceremonies, job seekers, and fortieth birthdays for people who want to look younger.

Veneers cannot withstand the biting forces required for back molars so they are most often placed on the teeth that are seen when you smile or speak. Once placed, people usually smile more naturally. Some have told me that they’ve started presenting in front of a group at work. In contrast, crowns usually have a strong metal substrate and are used for back molars, so they hold up under chewing pressures.

Now think about your favorite movie star. Do you think that they were born with that radiant smile? Could they have fallen on the set and broken a tooth? This industry relies on veneers because a marvelous, natural smile is part of what defines most actors and actresses.

Perhaps the most important comment I have on veneers is that their “color” should match your facial skin tone and the “shape” should resemble your natural teeth. People opting for veneers usually want them whiter than what they’ve had. Some dentists like to use veneers that are white as ivory, because the goal of most Americans is to have very white teeth. And then the patient doesn’t like the look. I use special lighting and computer technology to determine a shade that is natural for your skin tone and ask for your approval before I proceed.

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