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This is the fancy name for “bad breath”. I’ve had my share of encounters with halitosis. It occurs for several reasons. These include:

  1. Post-nasal drip or a sinus infection
  2. Spicy food, garlic, and onions, etc.
  3. A coating of food or bacteria on the tongue
  4. A collection of food or bacteria between teeth
  5. Certain diseases or gastric issues
  6. A poorly-fitting denture
  7. A “dry” mouth, usually the result of taking certain medications
  8. Diabetes, liver or kidney issues
  9. Smoking or smokeless tobacco use
  10. Acid Reflux

If one rinses with mouthwash, it only provides a temporary improvement for the malodor. The real solution requires removing as much bacteria (also generalized at “plaque”) as possible with a toothbrush and floss. To minimize the gag reflex when brushing your tongue, breathe through your nose and open wide while flexing your tongue downward. Start at the back, with the brush head crosswise, and stroke forward for the length of the tongue. Repeat until it no longer has a colored coating. Initially, you may experience a minor gag but, within a few days, this may subside.

If you are cleaning your teeth and still experience bad breath after a week, it’s time for a visit to your medical doctor.

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