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Mouthwashes Differ

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Mouthwash does not replace proper brushing and flossing, because the plaque that forms on teeth must be “mechanically” removed, which requires a toothbrush for most surfaces and dental floss between teeth. Since plaque forms a matrix in about 12 hours, brushing twice a day is recommended.

Some mouthwashes are meant to just freshen your breath for a few hours.

If you have been told that your gums are healthy and you rarely have a cavity, you may not need a mouthwash.

If your teeth are sensitive to temperature, you should avoid a mouthwash with alcohol as one of the ingredients.

If you have the beginning stages of gum disease, I will suggest that your mouthwash contains Chlorhexidine, known for its anti-plaque properties.

And if you are stuck on a mountain top with no mouthwash, swishing with water is better than nothing!

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