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Teeth Lost In A Sports Injury

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A current patient referred his brother (Mike) to my office. Mike had been kicked in the front of his lower jaw during a soccer game in third grade. Teeth broke and, over time, the nerve inside each of these teeth died and had to be removed. He showed up at my office with a partial denture that had replaced these teeth, for years. For those unfamiliar with “partials”, they are usually held in place by curved metal arms that wrap around adjoining teeth. Foods like lettuce love to wrap around these metal arms, and some foods sneak underneath partials and aggravate the gums. Mike was most bothered about the appearance of this partial because it made him look older than his years.

I took x-rays and determined that the jaw bone in this area was healthy so we discussed dental implants, a solution that would restore his smile to the one lost years before. Four implants could be surgically implanted, on the same day, at my office. They would look and function just like the teeth he’d lost. It didn’t take him long to decide. On the day the teeth were implanted, Mike handed me his partial denture for the treatment room trash, saying “I’m so blessed to have found an office with cutting-edge technology. This was painless.

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