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A Deformed Tooth

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Today, I saw a new patient (Jan), a middle-aged female who was born with a deformed, rotated front tooth on her top jaw. In dentistry, this has been nicknamed a “peg lateral”. It looked like an ice cream cone that had been patched with various dental materials over the years. This patient made a lopsided smile, out of embarrassment. Her former dentist had recommended a “crown” on this tooth, but she didn’t like the fact that the crown would look “narrower” than the matching tooth on the other side. So, she waited, and waited, and waited, hoping for a better alternative. The tooth developed some gum disease while she waited, and she remained embarrassed about her smile. When Jan’s son announced his engagement, she came to our office for a solution. She wanted a beautiful smile for their wedding!

I recommended a dental implant, placed immediately after the tooth was extracted. Because the natural tooth was so rotated, it would always have to appear “narrow” because the root was sitting incorrectly. In contrast, an implant has its own foundation, that adheres to bone, and could be immediately placed after extraction. It would bond with the existing bone and give her years of service – perhaps even beyond the grandkids’ weddings!

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