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Pulverized Root

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Imagine dining at a restaurant with clients, hoping to close a deal, when you bite down on a bone left in your entrée. Shooting pain! That’s what happened to Mike. He ended the meeting before dessert and went home to take an aspirin and heal. By morning, it was clear that he needed to seek professional treatment, so he called me. My staff suggested that he come right over. I discovered that his tooth had broken into three pieces right through the root and was beyond repair. I had to remove the pieces and send him home to heal for a few days. As he left, he requested my written observations, on letterhead, to take to the restaurant manager and explain the situation. Now, I especially like passing on this part of the story. The manager instantly apologized and gave Mike a sizable gift certificate for future dining. Might I say that this “cushioned the blow”?

The most effective way to replace a tooth, without drilling into adjoining teeth needlessly, is with a dental implant. Mike received his implant, surgically implanted, and hopes this one is made from Magnesium alloy.