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Ground Down Teeth

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A little-known habit that damages teeth is called “bruxism”, when some people clench and or grind their teeth, causing excessive wear or fractures on teeth. This often occurs while sleeping, and partners comment that it sounds like “chewing rocks”. My patient, Monica, asked me why her husband “chewed rocks in his sleep”, so I suggested that he come in for a complimentary exam. Brian was a business executive in a stressful position. His back teeth were ground almost flat, and this had allowed his front teeth to wear down as well. He was a big man with a stubby smile, which looked odd. First, I made a mouth guard for him to wear at night, so it would wear out rather than his own teeth. Over the next 2.5 years, I strengthened and built up some of his back teeth with crowns. Traditional methods to lengthen his stubby front teeth would have never held up to chronic bruxism so, once the back teeth were finished, we replaced his front teeth with dental implants. Within 4 months of completion, the family notified us that they were relocating to Atlanta because Brian had been promoted to District Manager! They promised to return for exams when visiting family in the area – and they have!

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