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Second Marriage Smile

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I will never forget Mildred, the vivacious 68-year-old who wanted “a new smile” when she walked down the aisle in May. Her first husband had died 6 years before. With the priorities and expenses of raising their family, Mildred had always put her self-proclaimed “ugly smile” on the back burner. But, meeting Bob and finding love once again, she moved that smile makeover to the front burner. I silently agreed with Mildred. Her smile was ugly, aging her well beyond her years, but her bone support was excellent. We discussed the merits of removing six of them, and replacing them with dental implants. She also agreed that a few adjoining teeth should have crowns in the same shade as her implants. Like many people, she initially asked for extra-white, larger teeth than she’d had originally. But then I took her through photos of some of my previous cases, showing the “Before” and “After” photos, and she opted to have implants resembling the tooth color on her first wedding day. With computer software, I matched it exactly. Mildred brought in wedding pictures with Bob, at her next recall appointment in October. Apart from her natural-looking smile, Mildred also now had a zest for life that was infectious. She told me the significant thing she’d discovered after her dental implants. It was that doing something for herself had given her the confidence to take on backpacking in Switzerland!

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