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Cold Sores are Contagious, but Never Cold

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I can think of a lot of names for cold sores, but none of them should be repeated. They are caused by the herpes simplex type 1 virus, which you get from a “carrier” if you share drinks, food, or kiss. The virus passes along through saliva, even when there is no sore present. About two-thirds of the population has been infected, yet some rarely or never have outbreaks, which most often occur on the lips and corners of the mouth. They can also form in the eye and lead to corneal blindness. It is a good practice to wash your hands frequently to minimize the spread of this virus.

Initially, a bunch of small blisters form, then they rupture and cause a yellow crust over the area before they go away after about a week. There are prescription medications to counteract outbreaks and creams to decrease the pain of the outbreak and speed up healing.

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