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After Lunch Breath

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Wow, that pizza was wonderful! And who doesn’t love the lingering smell of fresh pizza? Uh, me. Despite the soda to wash it down, food particles remain on teeth and feed bacteria at an amazing rate. They flourish, thereby encouraging cavities and/or gum disease.  When these cells die, they create Halitosis, the official name for bad breath.  Let’s also not forget the odor from onions, garlic, peppers and sausage, to name a few.

Bad breath can be caused by anything that dries out your mouth, such as alcohol and caffeine because then the accumulating dead cells on your gums, cheeks, and teeth aren’t naturally washed away.  If you don’t drink enough water each day, this will exacerbate the issue. Post-nasal drip and a “coated” tongue, where the surface isn’t pink and textured, also cause bad breath. A common side effect of many medications is dry mouth, too.

Undiagnosed conditions such as chronic sinus or respiratory infections, acid reflux, diabetes, and gum disease are other culprits. The bacteria, H. pylori, that may be linked to ulcers and stomach cancer also causes bad breath and has symptoms like indigestion and heartburn. Finally, “tonsil stones” are calcified white spots that you can see by pressing down on your tongue, saying “ahhhh”, and looking at your throat just above the base of your tongue. Bacteria love to grow on these calcified chunks. Now you know one reason why the doctor looks here during an exam!

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