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Human Nature

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I have to put on my right shoe, then my left. It doesn’t feel “right” the other way. A neighbor of mine has to wear button-down shirts everywhere, even to get groceries and mow his lawn. A relative of mine is always late for events, to the point that we tell her that they start an hour earlier than actual. I can’t even count the number of people that I know who put things off for longer than they should. Somehow, people think that if they ignore the issue, it will just go away. I bet that some of my patients can identify with this. It is Human Nature.

What happens when we put off repairs on a car or, worse yet, put off routine maintenance? Does the problem go away? No, it gets bigger. And more expensive. The same is true for dental procedures. If I detect a cavity and that patient puts off repairing it for 6 months, it will be larger and more expensive. It might start throbbing. It could even need a root canal and crown.

Many years ago, I heard the phrase, “Ignore your teeth and they’ll go away”. Does anyone really want this to happen? Defying Human Nature yields lower dental care costs, lower risk of periodontal disease, and reduces the risk that a broken tooth will become a weekend emergency. Everybody wins!

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