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Familiar and Fabulous

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I’ve practiced dentistry long enough to now treat the grown children of patients that I’ve cared for since first opening my practice. Which brings me to Margaret, a patient who had escaped our Chicago winters for the Florida sun slightly more than 20 years ago. I’d completed a smile makeover on her mouth when she lived here. Her daughter would brief me about mom’s activities when she came to my practice, but hadn’t mentioned that Margaret might move back to Illinois.

One Tuesday, I had a new, elderly patient in my schedule and I really appreciated the dental work that someone had completed on her teeth. The margins, or edges, of the crowns fit so well and the gums were healthy. She flossed daily. So, told her that she had the teeth of a 50-yr-old! Then I commented on the workmanship and asked her how long she’d had these crowns. She replied, “well you tell me”. It turns out that Margaret, now using the name “Marge”, had moved closer to her daughter. However, each woman had assumed that the other one told me about the move! I was admiring my own work. Embarrassing – yet rewarding! With thousands of patients over the years, I didn’t recognize Margaret because she’d aged, changed her hair color and style, and had shifted her weight to other locations. But her smile still lit up her face.

It is not often that a dentist is treated to a Deja Vu experience. But it points out the fact that the investment in a Smile Makeover can continue to deliver big returns, sometimes for 20 years, with proper home care and check-ups. Marge could easily pass for someone much younger. That’s the amazing effect of a healthy smile, that I’ve seen again and again.

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