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Bridge Club Romance

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Benjamin was 76 when he visited our practice for the first time. Seems he’d met Anna through his Bridge Club, and they’d started dating almost a year ago. She didn’t like to see his gold crowns when he laughed, so he wanted me to turn them white. Easier said than done, because they are individually designed and cast by a dental lab, after our chairside prep work is complete. I examined the condition of his mouth and found four crowns, with adequate bone support, that needed work. Two others were decayed on their roots and required removal. Given his association with the Bridge Club, it seemed fitting that we make him a “bridge” to fill in the gap from the extracted teeth. All these teeth were changed from gold to a natural white hue, within 6 weeks.

Anna noticed. But what she didn’t know was that Benjamin used the leftover gold crowns to have a jewelry designer fashion a pendant. He gave it to her when he asked for her hand in marriage. I wish I’d thought of that.

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