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Pretzels Surprise People

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I’ve had patients declare that they’ve given up “cookies, candy, and Coke” so they don’t get more cavities. They turn to salty snacks, like pretzels, to satisfy those snacking urges. Just because something tastes salty does not make it a good replacement. The truth is, pretzels break down into sugars in your mouth, just like the cookies.

Pretzels also linger on the biting surface of teeth. Think about all the foods you eat and come up with the Top 10 that remain “stuck in your teeth” for even 10 minutes. They create acids that start the decay process and, over time, can create cavities. If you try to wash this away with acidic, sweetened soda pop, you speed up the decay process!

Read the labels on snack products and note their sugar content. You will be amazed how much sugar is in “healthy food”! My family snacks have been carrots, apples, pears, homemade popcorn (so we control the salt, butter, and coatings), and unsalted nuts. It is also wise to have ingredients on hand to make your own salads. These “detergent” foods are appropriately named because they disturb plaque on teeth.

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