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True Confessions

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I don’t like embarrassing people. I value each and every one of my patients, many who have been in my practice for over 20 years. But I am compelled to share some of the “dental mishap” stories that have occurred over this time span. The patient encounter always begins with, “I probably shouldn’t have been doing it, but…”

I’ve had people chip their front teeth because they held a dog leash in their mouth – and Rover decided to chase a passing dog. Hairdressers often have “bobby pin chipping” on the edge of their front teeth, but they are not alone in holding metal objects between their teeth. Many a bag of snack chips has been opened with teeth. Not all successfully, nor without damage to the smile. The “Jawbreaker” candy should be renamed, “tooth breaker”, if you ask me. As a corollary, super chewy candy can pull out part of a filling, especially if it is older.

A backhand slap to a sassy child’s mouth can knock out a semi-loose tooth. Boy, does the Tooth Fairy feel bad about those! A punch from a sibling can kill the nerve, which then needs treatment. I agree that mouthguards get slimy and make one drool more, but I’ve seen them prevent damage. Since one cannot yet grow a replacement tooth, consider the ones in your mouth priceless.

Finally, I must go on record about the current trend of piercings, anywhere in and around one’s mouth. Despite brushing, the mouth is full of bacteria and other flora that can cause trouble. Anything metal that moves in and around the mouth will act like a tiny projectile when one speaks. I’ve seen badly chipped teeth that now require crowns.

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