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One Tooth that Doesn’t Like Cold Food or Beverages

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This subject often comes up, only after a long pause from a patient, in response to my question, “Have any teeth been bothering you?” They’ve taken the time to think about subtle pain that occurs infrequently, an annoyance, that is often dismissed. But when someone answers with, “One tooth aches occasionally when I eat cold food”, I launch into Detective Agarwal mode. There are several reasons that a specific tooth might ache, but one that is cold-sensitive alerts me to look diligently for decay. Should that tooth already have a filling, it may indicate that a cavity has started underneath the filling, something I cannot see without an x-ray. Depending on the location of the decay and the type of filling material, sometimes even an X-ray isn’t sufficient. This tooth often needs urgent treatment to prevent the decay from reaching the nerve, which is then only cured by a root canal or extraction.

Should most of the teeth experience cold sensitivity, this is usually related to a different, but treatable, issue. More on this later.

The bottom line is that sensitivity to cold is often a strong indication of bigger problems ahead. Schedule an exam today.

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