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Urban Legends in Dentistry

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Have you ever heard someone say, “I’d rather have a root canal” than go through some extremely boring or irritating experience? I’m here to tell you that root canals get a lot of bad press, but they are most often a painless experience. Sometimes, in fact, they turn people experiencing intense pain into someone with slight jaw discomfort within an hour. A root canal removes the infected nerve, allowing patients to keep their teeth for many years to come.

Have you ever heard someone say, “I won’t get my teeth cleaned because those sharp instruments scrape off my enamel”? Considering the facts that tooth enamel is the hardest substance in the entire body, and my dental cleaning scalers wear out quarterly, I beg to differ. Tartar, or calculus (our dental terminology) forms on teeth and we are trained to remove it with a shearing motion. Dental hygienists go to college for at least two years to learn how to detect and remove every micron of calculus, without injuring you. Then, they must successfully pass a written Board Exam and Clinical Practice evaluation to earn a license to work on patients. This protocol wouldn’t be in place if they were scraping off enamel.

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