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Bridges vs. Partial Dentures

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Sometimes dentistry uses interesting terminology. We construct “bridges” that don’t accommodate cars or trains. Dental bridges fill in a gap that is the result of missing one or more teeth in a specific area of the mouth. They are often partially constructed with metal and, like bridges on our roadways, they require some level of ongoing maintenance. It is very important to clean around a bridge in your mouth, especially with dental floss and a floss threader or interdental brush. It will last longer and keep your breath fresh.

A partial denture also fills in gaps but often when several adjoining teeth are missing. This is especially useful when posterior teeth have been removed and there no longer is a tooth on either side of a gap. For maintenance, a partial denture should be removed every night and placed in a cleaning solution, then brushed in the morning. Always keep a partial denture away from a pet! It is a favorite chew toy.

Partial dentures are held in place by metal clasps that press gently against healthy teeth. Some clasps are visible when people smile or laugh heartily. These clasps need adjusting from time to time. Similarly, partial dentures need adjusting if the contour of the jaw bone changes over time. Certain foods find their way under partial dentures and people need to remove these foods from their diets. More and more, people are moving away from partial dentures, for these reasons.

They decide to have dental implants fill in the gaps, thereby recreating the natural appearance of their original smile – or better!

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