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Mouth Germs Quiz

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I accidently discovered a website with a Mouth Germs quiz that I think you will enjoy:

It poses fourteen commonly-held beliefs about your mouth, then lets you choose whether they are true or false. I missed a couple, I must admit. To me, it demonstrates how people just hear some statements often enough to now believe them. For example:

How many times have you heard that a root canal is always painful?

How many people claim that a tooth disappears when soaked overnight in soda?

Have you heard that a woman loses a tooth for every pregnancy?

None of these are true.

As a provider, I’ve heard some interesting explanations for tooth-related problems, including why they cannot be resolved, just because “Aunt Jane” could never get her tooth trouble under control. I enjoy teaching people more about their teeth, and welcome questions. Don’t hesitate to ask me whether a solution exists for your long-standing dental issue.

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