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Are You a Candidate for Mini Dental Implants?

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Missing teeth can impact daily life in many ways, making it difficult to enjoy your favorite foods or smile without feeling self-conscious. Fortunately, there are treatments to replace missing teeth and restore confidence. Mini dental implants provide restored dental function with a shorter recovery time than traditional dental implants, making them a popular choice for many patients. Although mini dental implants allow those with missing teeth to enjoy an improved quality of life, they are not right for everyone. At Winterset Dental Care, our team of dentists provides thorough dental examinations to determine which patients are suitable mini-dental implant candidates. Schedule a consultation at our Chicago, IL practice to find out which treatment is right for you.

What Are Mini Dental Implants?

Mini dental implants are a type of dental restoration used to replace missing teeth. Mini dental implants are similar to traditional dental implants in that they require surgery for placement. They differ in that they are much smaller than traditional implants, providing a faster recovery and requiring less bone tissue for placement.

Although mini dental implants provide faster results and can be used in patients who have experienced a loss of jawbone structure, they don’t always provide the same results as traditional dental implants. Because mini dental implants are significantly smaller than traditional dental implants, they are more vulnerable to failure and damage from exposure to biting forces.

With that said, mini dental implants can still be a good option for many who suffer from tooth loss. It’s important for those considering dental implant treatment to discuss their needs and desired results with their dentist to determine which treatment will best address their dental restoration goals.

Candidates for Mini Dental Implants

Mini dental implant treatment can help restore dental function and appearance, making it a great option for those who are unhappy with tooth loss. Mini dental implants can help patients enjoy a restored smile, but they are not right for everyone. Because mini dental implant treatment requires surgery, candidates should be in good general health and have relatively healthy gums and teeth. Candidates for mini dental implants also include:

  • Those with insufficient bone structure for traditional dental implants: With prolonged tooth loss, the jawbone will disintegrate. When too much bone tissue is lost, traditional dental implants cannot be used to restore the smile unless the patient undergoes a bone graft, extending treatment cost, time, and recovery. Mini dental implants require less bone for successful placement, making them a great option for those who have suffered from bone loss.
  • Those missing one or more teeth: Mini dental implants may be used to replace one or more teeth and can even be paired with implant-supported dentures to restore a full set of missing teeth.
  • Those who want a fast recovery: Mini dental implants are less invasive than standard dental implants, resulting in faster recovery. Those who wish to avoid the long recovery required for traditional dental implants may benefit from mini dental implants.
  • Long-term denture wearers: Long-term tooth loss can cause the jawbone to dissolve, a common issue for those who have worn dentures for many years. Denture wearers who have lost too much bone structure for traditional dental implants can enjoy the benefits of implant-supported dentures when paired with mini dental implants. 

Which Treatment Is Right for You?

Both mini dental implants and traditional dental implants can help tooth loss sufferers enjoy their favorite foods and smile with confidence. To find out which treatment is right for you, we welcome you to schedule a consultation at Winterset Dental Care today.