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Spelling Bee

smiling guy wearing a grey swearshirt

One thing is certain.  Dentistry has its share of long words to describe oral structures.  At the dinner table tonight, why not have a contest to see who can guess the spelling of the word used for:

A. The joint connecting the lower jaw to one’s head.

B. The action of grinding food into smaller pieces, before swallowing.

C. The raised bumps on the top of the tongue.

D. The piece of tissue that hangs down from the top of the mouth, near the back of your throat.

E. The formal name for your “gums”.

F. The band of tissue that appears under your tongue when you raise it up while your mouth is open.

G. The ridges that form behind upper front teeth, on the roof of your mouth.

H. Another name for “baby teeth”.

The winner gets to choose the next flavor of toothpaste!

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