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Grandma Can Brush After We go to the Bike Shop

smiling elderly woman

One of my long-time patients recently told me a story that I just have to pass on.  Jane is a grandma who recently moved closer to her grandkids. Grandson Michael was known for “forgetting” to brush his teeth every morning as they rushed the kids off to the bus stop. He used the age-old trick of wetting the brush to fool his family. It didn’t seem to bother him that his teeth felt like fuzz grew on them during the day.

Grandma decided to try a new approach when she overheard his request for a larger bike. She clipped out a picture of it and taped it to their bathroom mirror, way up high.  Next to it hung a magnifying glass, one of Michael’s current fascinations. Michael’s mom got to inspect his teeth with a magnifying glass before he left each morning and at bedtime. If he passed inspection, his mom highlighted one spoke of the wheels.

A little over a month later, Jane came to the grandkid’s house to pick up something just as the kids were waking up. She happened to mention that she was headed to the store for personal items, including a toothbrush. Michael chimed in, “Grandma, please, you can’t buy a toothbrush until after you take me to the Bike Store”. How’s that from a child’s perspective?

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