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Unhappy About Halloween

Dentists and staff at Winterset Dental

It’s time to make your dentist and his staff happy this year.  Take back the bags of candy and use the refund to exchange the dollars for nickels and pennies at the bank.  It has been my experience that kids love to accumulate a pile of change, count it 6 times, and then save it up for one item of their choice.  Doesn’t that make a great Life lesson?

I have not verified this, but two people in the “candy industry” have told me that bagged bars are made about 4 months before Halloween, which fits my description of a “junk” snack. Of course, the label lists sugar and several “-ose” words as the first four ingredients. Parents tell me that kids really like sticky, gooey brands the best, and I shudder.  Please, please, don’t let your kids take this candy in their lunch bags because teeth get bathed in sugar for hours and the teachers wish that they could better manage class behavior.  Then comes the sugar crash and the kids lose their ability to focus.

I suggest that, if your children are allowed to have one piece after a meal, you set a timer for 90 seconds and monitor that they brush their teeth for this length of time. Then, they floss. This practice emphasizes the need to appreciate and take care of one’s teeth, in my opinion.

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