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“Chiclets” Gum

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I recently read an article that mentioned that the familiar box of square chewing gum pieces no longer exists. I rarely chew gum, but dentists have used the phrase “white Chiclet teeth” to describe patients who have asked for, or inadvertently received, front caps (aka “crowns) that are very white and boxy.  It may surprise you to hear that your natural tooth color usually complements your complexion, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that pale people have chalk-white teeth. Most natural teeth are shades of gray or yellow. Finding the right color is an “art”, in some ways. This is one of the many exhilarating parts of my day at the office.

At Winterset Dental, we send our “crown and bridge” cases to a dental lab that has demonstrated the talent to create natural-looking teeth, consistently. If I ever asked them to create a Chiclet tooth, they wouldn’t do it, because a bulky tooth has bulky edges.  This makes it difficult to keep the gum tissue healthy around it. Rather, they create reproductions that pass for natural teeth, in color and shape.  This lab calls our office anytime they have questions, or they send images via the computer. Sometimes they do both.

Precise-fitting crowns require teamwork and coordination among the dental staff. It is our responsibility to use quality materials to take impressions of the tooth needed for a future crown and the teeth that surround it.  We also must take a “registration” of the way your teeth fit together when you close your mouth.  Patients are sent home with a “temporary crown” that has no sharp edges, because we know how much curious tongues find sharp edges, and the formerly listed items are sent to a dental lab. These labs are not licensed to work on patients directly, but their employees undergo rigorous training so the lab develops a reputation for quality and service in the dental profession. When the final product is sent back to our office, it is inspected for accuracy and workmanship. If it isn’t perfect, it goes back to the lab.

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