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The Link Between Smoking and Periodontal Disease

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Got A Smoke?

There’s a whole new nomenclature for the varieties of tobacco use, my granddaughter told me.  Aside from E-cigarettes that most see in stores, there are Bidi’s, Hookahs, Clove cigarettes, and even lozenges. People say chew tobacco is still popular. Despite the claims, none of them are a “safe” way to enjoy tobacco.

Let me tell you what I see with tobacco users in a dental chair.  Of course, users have stained teeth. Their gums often recede to the point that each tooth looks disproportionally long and then there is more tooth surface for us to clean up. This could require an additional appointment and fee. Our hygienists use an ultrasonic tip to remove as much stain as possible from those tiny crevices, but some are deeply embedded.

Smokers are more likely to get periodontal disease, with related bone loss. I needn’t mention the increased risk of oral cancer, right?

Rest assured that we won’t nag you to quit during your visit, but ask us about a tobacco cessation program and we may have a recommendation.