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Restorations and Extractions

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Think about these words for a second.  When people work on home restorations, they spend time and money to improve a condition or situation. Similarly, some restore older vehicles for the same reason. With some work on the front end, the item restored is often serviceable for many more years.  Perhaps that is why budding dental professionals learned to place “restorations” in dental school. This term has morphed into “fillings”, “crowns”, “veneers”, “composites”, and several others to make distinctions between the design and purpose of a specific restoration. But all of them allow people to improve their dental health, ability to chew food, and physical appearance.

The other word of multiple uses in dentistry is “extraction”. This usually means when dentists remove something that has the great potential to cause problems or become painful if ignored. The Thai boys were extracted from the cave last week, with sophisticated planning and specific gear, used by trained professionals. That’s why they are safe today. As a dentist and prosthodontist, I know a lot about planning and the use of specific instruments, yet I rely on oral surgeons that I trust and respect when a patient needs a complicated extraction with an advanced technique or has a health condition that requires extra precautions.

Should you ever have a friend or family member who has a menacing tooth that they “just want yanked”, please guide them to a practice like ours which remains current on new techniques and instruments that are most effective for either procedure.

Contact Winterset Dental for dental professionals who keep current on the improved procedures involving restorations and extractions!