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Impress Your Friends and Neighbors with One Word

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What is this word?


It is the name for a space between two teeth, usually involving the visible front teeth of your smile. It occurs when permanent teeth are small or narrow so they don’t “fill” all the space available in one or both jaws.  Similarly, it occurs if one or more front teeth is congenitally missing (never forms). Space can also develop when a person thrusts their tongue forward during the process of swallowing. This behavior is often intercepted in childhood, with therapy to teach proper tongue positioning during a swallow and a device to detour the tongue thrust.

Once the habit of tongue thrusting is curbed, steps to correct the spacing include braces or dental procedures that improve one’s smile.  Depending on the amount of space, some patients are good candidates for connected crowns across their front teeth, each just a tad bit wider than their natural teeth to close the gaps. This is called an “anterior bridge”.

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