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“The Latest in Dental Implants : The Free Seminar

Upper denture
Have you ever been part of a Pity Party about Teeth? That’s where one person starts off complaining about their dentures that either hurt, make her lisp, or require a ton of adhesive to hold in place.  The next one tells about the Monster-sized filling that caused him pain so he chose to have it removed for good.  The third one admits to having no back teeth so he chews with his gums. He even opens it wide to show everybody!  The solution to each of these situations is dental implants, but that sounds so complicated to the average observer.

Regularly, I host a free Seminar about how Dental Implants can increase your comfort, help others enjoy your smile again, plus eat and speak without embarrassment.  I’m hosting this seminar on Thursday, July 26th from 7-9 PM at the Oak Lawn Hilton. Come and check it out!

Contact Winterset Dental if you have questions about this Seminar!