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Your Fabulous Fifties

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Why do you suppose that people celebrate their “Big Birthday” with a large party or fancy cruise? It could be that they’re glad that the kids have grown up, established careers, or started a family. They may now have the time and funds to use on themselves.

Those entering their fifties also start to “see” their aging, with a touch of grey hair or sagging skin. People often come to my office because they feel their front teeth are “shorter” or “darker” than they used to be, and they would rather have their youthful smile back again. Dentists refer to this procedure as a “Smile Makeover”. From my perspective, one must have the eye of an artist when they create a new smile to blend in with each patient’s complexion, lip line, and facial features. However, our culture believes that the characteristics of “white, prominent, and straight” teeth indicate a healthy smile, because that is how models appear. Oh, those stereotypes!

Our dental practice allocates a lengthy appointment for people who want a Smile Makeover because we want it done right on the first try. This requires dialogue about the possibilities, options, and cost because dental insurance may not reimburse for care done specifically to improve one’s smile. It involves measurements so teeth blend with other teeth in the mouth. Moreover, we carefully examine x-rays to be sure that the bone in the jaw will be able to support these teeth for years to come. It makes no sense to design and build a beautiful structure that will sit on weakened or diseased support.

I encourage you to call our office to see what is gained from a Smile Makeover, for those who want to smile every day of their retirement!

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