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Flakey Weather

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To say that Chicagoland has had their share of snow this season is definitely an understatement! Aside from being plowed in and shoveled out, this white stuff has also created hazards for teeth. A couple of college friends had a sparring contest with shovels, while cleaning off the sidewalks, and one lost a tooth. A few patients fell on their front or back steps and chipped teeth. One pulled off a glove with her teeth and a chunk of her bicuspid tooth came along for the ride.

The most creative “dental mishap” that I’ve heard about was from a colleague. His patient was tobogganing with family and her gold crown popped off, then out of her mouth on the way down the slope. Frantic, she told her kids and extended family that she was offering a $50 reward to anyone who found her gold tooth in the snow. Good luck with that! Several searched for 10-20 minutes, but lost interest. One teen went around to staff members and then the main office of the facility. Everyone figured that he went to use the facilities. He made a second trip, then a third some time later. This time, he returned with the gold crown that someone had found and turned in to the Lost and Found.

It was cleaned and cemented back in place by this dentist, as there was no damage to the remaining tooth structure, and she’s had no trouble with it since!

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