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Don’t Just Blame the Onions and Garlic

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Check the annual U.S. sales data on breath mints, minty gum, and mouthwash and discover that “fresh breath” is an American obsession. As a person with years of “breath experience”, I’ve been asked which products work the best and I always respond with the same words, “daily dental floss and a toothbrush with a two-minute timer”. That is because the plaque that accumulates on teeth must be manually removed from tiny places that you cannot see.

Food debris that lingers on and around the oral tissues sort of “ferments” to create odor, too, not to mention cavities. Imagine what I feel when I remove a piece of food, like spinach, from someone’s mouth and ask when they last ate spinach. Their answer? Last week.

Many people use breath mints at regular intervals throughout their day. When they contain sugar, these refreshers will cause cavities. There are only two Breath Mints of the favorite top six on the market that have no sugar, Altoids Smalls and Icebreakers, as presented in 2018 by provide short-term fresh breath, mostly by masking odor. Just imagine how many mints one could consume in one day…

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